Inticahuarina Spanish School Lessons In Vocabulary

Spanish is a great choice as a second language for native English speakers to adopt as there are over 3,000 words which are very similar between the two languages.

In fact, Spanish is the most popular 2nd language to adopt worldwide.

Due to the fact that both English and Spanish as languages share some of the same roots there is a broad common base of similarity. This is something which should be taken advantage of by all students studying the language as it will help Spanish to feel less completely foreign to your own.

In terms of learning basic Spanish words we recommend you take full advantage of cognates. It's possible to quickly build a vocabulary of between 2,000 and 3,000 words through cognates alone. This video gives you an excellent example...

What a refreshing way to learn to speak Spanish eh?

The website linked to has done a good job of neatly categorizing them and presents them in modules which are easy to learn. This is one of our recommended student resources.

Following a study of cognates (which can be completed within 1 - 3 months) students can adopt a broader approach to Spanish vocabulary learning.

Focus should be concentrated upon learning the active vocabulary, the most used words. This numbers in the region of 3,000 words and should suffice for most conversational requirements from day to day.

Verbs and grammar are best separated from that of vocabulary however it is useful to combine learning words within the context of simple sentences. A secondary benefit of this is that basic structural aspects of Spanish will become very familiar and second nature to you.

Understanding how to not only learn new Spanish words but also retain them over the long term is very important. We are currently working on the next installment to this site which will go into a lot more detail regarding this topic.

If you'd like to get a head start on learning Spanish please check out our online resourse where we've uploaded some useful guides for you!